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The Orangeville Charge of the United Church of Christ is made up of three small theologically diverse congregations that are physically a short distance apart. They are Orangeville United, Zion and St. James. Since there is no simple or single answer to what it means to serve Christ in this chaotic world, we grapple together with that challenge. For example, frequently the sermon on Sunday morning ends with a question for each of us to wrestle with both as individuals and as congregations. We come together for a classic congregational worship service at each location on most Sundays and each congregation has their own ministries. However, we also gather for periodic joint services. These include extra Lenten services throughout Lent, a Palm Sunday celebration and a Thank Offering service. We also hold a Good Friday service and a Thanksgiving Eve service as a Charge in conjunction with the Orangeville United Methodist church.


We have quarterly joint leadership meetings to support the pastor, and to coordinate activities. Because I am a part time pastor the leadership of each congregation is member driven significantly more than is most often the case with a single congregation. This gives each congregation its own distinctive worship experience, fellowship experience and drives different ministries and congregational activities.


We all seek a worship experience and a faith community that fits what we perceive to be our needs as people of faith. Between our small congregations we have three distinct and yet connected communities that may meet you where you are in your faith journey either as one congregation or as three. But we also offer the opportunity to wrestle with your faith and do not require that you believe in a particular way or even believe at all to join us. We just ask that you be a seeker and be accepting of our differences.


God Bless
Mark Rowell