Orangeville History

The history of the Orangeville United Church dates all the way back to 1810 when Andrew Larish donated a piece of properity approximately 2 miles West of Orangeville on Bowman's Mill Road. The church building was a crude log cabin and was used by three different denominations for worship. Members of the Lutheran, Presbyterian and Reformed Congregations shared the church for worship.

In 1828 Edward McHenry purchased the land housing the church and cemetery. He soon named the church after himself. A severe snow storm in 1837 brought the roof to the ground. The rubble of the fallen church was cleared to make room for a school building. By 1839, the three congregations who had met and worshiped in the McHenry Church combined their funds and for a cost of $1600, they were able to erect the Orangeville Church in the center of town. Our building has been open since 1840 and is commonly referred to as 'The White Church' in town.

Recently, while cleaning the church sanctuary, I found a date imprinted on the back of a pew. It seems our pews are dated November 21, 1885 + November 22, 1892. While cleaning and organizing the kitchen and social room cabinets, we found a small piece of drywall reminding us that the cabinets were built by C. Earl Ward in 1959. Recently Glen Shaw and John Roberts Sr. decided to 'explore' the attic of the church. With Camera in hand, they were able to record that the bell is inscribed 'In the memory of Col H. R. Kline by friends 1881. We are also pleased to announce that there are no bats in our belfry!